Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently!

I'm sorry, you guys, but I just have to do this first:

You can always count on me to get a boy band song stuck in your head.  You're welcome!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, it's time for my May Currently!  Thank you, Farley!  I love doing these, because it gives me a chance to get to know new bloggers!  And I can never get enough of teaching blogs.  Ever.


Listening: Ed Sheeran...who doesn't love him???

Loving: Ok. So, I bought a Scotch laminator a month or so ago at Target.  It was around $20.  I was skeptical.  I assumed it would be too good to be true.  But seriously, it's probably one of the best things I have ever purchased!  Aaaaaand, the laminate is super strong and durable!  I am always impressed by durable laminate.  It's a weakness of mine.

Thinking:  I'm an OC girl at heart, and I get lost very easily, and I hate traffic, so I have had an aversion to LA for practically my whole life.  But I've made some friends recently who live there.  And now it's my goal this year to get up there more and do some exploring.  All of those people who make me waste hours on the freeway must live there for a reason, right???  If any of you can recommend any cool places, I will be forever grateful!

Wanting:  I was a PC person for most of my life, and I was completely ok it.  Even when Mac came out with those desktops that were super cool colors.  And then I got a job at my old school and they gave us Macbooks.  I FELL IN LOVE.  And then I got an iPhone and I FELL IN LOVE.  And then Microsoft came out with Windows 8.1 and I absolutely hated it, which was the final straw.  I am secretly hoping that someday I will spill coffee on my HP and oops, I guess it's time for a new computer!  But I would never wish that upon anyone, so I will stick with my trusty Windows 7 until I decide to splurge (one of last week's spelling words) and make a switch to becoming an Apple girl for live.

Needing:  I don't have many followers on here, but I have been totally slacking on the blogging part of my life.  I need to post more.  I love blogging, and I keep trying to think of interesting things to write about, but I usually fail big time.  However, I am much better about  posting on Instagram.  Maybe it's my Apple obsession?  (see above)  If you're interested, you can find me on IG at glitteratschool.  I absolutely love the teacher blog/IG community SO MUCH!!!  Which leads me to...

SURPRISE:  This month, we are supposed to pick a blogger to write about.  I am the most indecisive person in the world, so I chose five.  These ladies are super sweet and wonderful, and I love "talking" to them on IG, and checking out their bloggy blogs.  I love making new teacher friends on there, and EVERYONE has been so amazing and supportive!  It's amazing how many teachers are so friendly and so willing to share amazing tips and ideas...and also their super cute outfits.  Check out these lovely ladies and their blogs!

Miss Vericker's Adventures

Covered in Glitter and Glue

The Hands On Teacher

Third in Hollywood

Easy Teaching Tools

Happy Teaching! 


  1. Ha ha I completely understand the Mac love. The last Windows operating system I used was XP. I too got a Mac at work and just couldn't bring myself to go back to Windows. I had to save quite a bit but it was worth it to me. I just adore my MacAir.
    Oh! and please tell me you have a back up hard drive? You know just in case that soda or coffee spill on your comp. I almost lost everything 2 years ago and it was awful. Now I have everything backed up.
    Ms. K/1 ELL

  2. I was the same way with macs. THought I would never want one. Got a job at my school with all macs. Bought one that year and have never looked back. I can't even function on a PC anymore! And they last long enough to make them worth the price! :)
    Third Grade Tidbits

  3. I posted the same JT picture on my Currently post... LOL! I really want a laminator and I think you may have just convinced me. $20 isn't ridiculous but I'm worried the actually laminate pouches will add up!

    Just went to look for you on IG but I already follow! xo

    My Carolina Classroom

    1. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this laminator! The pouches were something like $12 for a pack of 65, I think. But I believe you can find amazing deals for them on Amazon!

      Thank you SO MUCH for the IG love!!!! :)

  4. I'm wanting a Macbook too!! And -- Thanks for the laminator advice! I've been contemplating (I've actually put one in my cart 2x at Walmart! - We don't have Target in my little town - closest one is an hour away! boo). I'm your newest follower! I teach 3rd grade in VA !

    1. I'm so sorry, I just saw your comment! I hope you have the laminator by now! Haha. Thank you for following! I'll be checking out your blog (and following) today! :)