About Me

Hey, ya'll!

Welcome!  My name is Heidi and I have been a stalker avid teaching blog reader for MANY years.  This is my first foray into creating my own blog, as a way to share ideas and my love for teaching.  I have been so inspired by many amazing teachers and the awesome ideas they've shared online.  I have taught "by the book" for so many years, and I've had to come up with so many supplemental activities of my own.  I had no idea so many resources were already out there, and how many teachers were willing to be so helpful and generous!  It has been amazing!  I don't know what I would do without the Internet.  Yes, I love technology. (Time to cue Kip's wedding song from Napoleon Dynamite...)  So now I hope to be able to pay it forward with my own ideas. 

I've taught kinder, first grade, and second grade, but my favorite will always be first!  Teaching these sweet and feisty little ones makes me incredibly happy, and they always know how to make me laugh and smile. (And cry. Let's be real.) 

Where did my blog name come from?  Well, all of you know that glitter never ever EVER really disappears from your classroom.  You make one small, tiny Valentine's day card, and BOOM!  Glitter in your hair, in your shoes, behind bookshelves, outside, and my personal favorite...stuck in the carpet.  I always swear that I will never use it again, but it is so beautiful and mesmerizing that I just can't help it.  I'm pretty sure if I ever became a college professor of something like Macro Economics, I would definitely require glitter use somewhere on my syllabus.  Who's with me???

Hopefully I will become a source of inspiration for some of you.  At the very least, I hope this blog will become my way of challenging myself to be more creative and inventive with classroom projects and activities.

Have an amazing school year!  Happy teaching!


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    1. I'm in Orange County! I see you live up north...I love it there! :) P.S. Your blog is adorable!