What I’m Loving Wednesday

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I thought I’d try to step up my blog writing game a bit and do “What I’m Loving Wednesday” today!  Thank you Covered in Glitter and Glue!  There are so many things I am currently in love with (both school and non-school related) so here we go!


Butter London Nail Polish


If you haven’t tried these, you should!  They’re so, so gorgeous.  {From L-R: “Union Jack Black” (the blackest black EVER…which I like to rock from time to time), Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat, Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat, and “Kerfluffle” (a super cute pinky coral…perfect for summer!)}





This was made by the lovely Cara Carroll (The First Grade Parade)! (Click on the photo to see it in her TPT store!)  It’s adorable!  I’ve been able to use the literacy worksheets with my little Kinders, and I’m excited to give the writing prompt calendars to my second graders over the summer.  Everybody wins!



These super cute chairs from Target!


I bought two of them for my classroom library.  I am so in love with the colors.  I’m tempted to buy an entire class set…ha!



My new kicks!


Love LOVE these!  And just in time for World Cup season!  (Because I like to dress sporty when I’m watching sports.)



Will and Grace


I must have watched and rewatched this entire series about 27 times.  I can’t get enough of Jack and Karen!  It’s definitely one of the best shows out there! 


I can’t wait to see what all of you are loving this Wednesday! 

Happy Teaching!



Happy June!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey kids! 

Here is my June Currently, thanks to the fantastic Farley!

Currently June

Listening: It’s quiet!  And I’m loving every second of it.  I still have to teach tomorrow.  Ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

Loving: My new blog is just what I wanted!  I’m a sucker for rainbows, and black, and glitter, and pink stripes (á la VS).  Megan at I Teach, What’s Your Superpower? and A Bird in Hand Designs is SO AMAZING.  She’s just wonderful.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to fancify your blog!  (Also, I’m loving Windows Live Writer!  This is my first time using it to write a blog entry…and I adore it!  So easy!)

Thinking: There are soooooo many things I can’t wait for.  A European vacation…a new car…new teaching curriculum (let’s be real).  Nothing is “in the works” right now, but if I stay positive, all of these things can happen soon!

Wanting: Somehow, my 3 pairs of trusty Converse are all heading to Shoe Heaven.  Time for some new kicks!

Needing: You guys.  I have no idea how this happens.  My HP printer is amazing and beautiful and I love it to death.  But I can’t handle the crazy ink situation I’m faced with every few weeks.  It won’t let me print for very long after one color is out.  So if a color I don’t even need runs out, I can’t even use black to print in grayscale.  Ugh.  I feel like I was just at Staples yesterday.

Summer Bucket List:  I’m not the “Bucket List” type.  Mostly because I have a memory similar to that of Dory the fish.  And also, I’m lazy.  But I chose things that I think/hope/daydream will be attainable over the next few months.  {1.} Over the years, I’ve obtained a LOT of teaching materials and books.  This year, I haven’t had a classroom of my own (I currently share the second grade room with my team teacher, and I’m a “floating” kindergarten reading teacher).  So I have a storage unit to keep all of my junk precious gems.  I can’t part with anything!  Ever since I became a teacher, every year I’ve been faced with the inevitable “What’s going to happen in September?” question, due to budget cuts.  Things are still up in the air for next year!  One day, I’ll be in a school where I can have a room to call my own for at least a few years!  I’ve been scared to part with things, you know, just in case.  And this summer, I plan to organize everything by grade, subject, holiday, etc.  I wonder how long my plan will last…but at least it will give me an excuse to buy some cute boxes to organize stuff in.  {2.} This one is pretty self explanatory, I think?  Also, I’d love to meet some of YOU!  Hopefully a SoCal Meetup will happen again soon that I can actually attend!  That would be super awesome.  {3.} Since it’s summer, I ll finally have more time to create for TPT!!!  Yay!  My fonts and clip art are burning holes in my pockets.  I know that’s not the actual saying, but it totally applies to teachers.


Happy Teaching!