Easter Egg Hunts for Reading and Math Review!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Every spring, I LOVE having an egg hunt with my students! March and April are the PERFECT months for reviewing standards, and having an egg hunt is a super fun way to do it! My students have so much fun searching around the classroom (or even the playground) for eggs. They also earn some awesome treats!  But why stop at just Easter?  You can have fun ALL YEAR LONG with my new Dinosaur Egg Hunt and Spring Bird Egg Hunt, too!

Easter Egg Hunt

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Spring Birds Egg Hunt

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More themes and grade levels will be added to my store, too! Be sure to follow here!

This is a minimal-prep activity, and is super easy to set up! Cut the pages apart, and place one slip inside of each egg. Have fun hiding them around your classroom or on the playground! It is also VERY easy to differentiate! Simply give each leveled group of students their own color of eggs!

Here’s the catch: They MUST answer the question inside correctly to earn their prizes!

I send each student off with a paper bag or basket to collect their eggs. I wait in an area for students to line up with their eggs. The prizes stay with me, and I pass them out as the students answer their questions. It is really helpful if you have parent volunteers or older students to help out! You can even use the buddy system with another teacher and have two classes participate! But, this is totally do-able on your own! Students are only allowed to bring me one egg at a time, and they have to answer quickly! Then, they stick their prize in their bag and hide the egg right back where they found it, so the next student can have a turn! I only use about twice the number of eggs as the number of students I have in my class. I have given you TONS of options, depending on what your kids are working on right now!

Optional Prizes: Jellybeans, small candies, small erasers, prize passes, stickers…you name it!

☆ Black and white options for every page!

(The only page you need to print in color is the one for recognizing colors.)

☆ Teacher/Helper directions on every page!

☆ British, Australian, and Canadian spellings available!!!

Topics Included:

• Colors and color words

• 2-D and 3-D shapes (available in color and black/white)

• Letter Names and Letter Sounds (both uppercase and lowercase)

• Number recognition (numbers to 30, counting by 10’s to 100, and blank pages to write in your own!)

• Counting from 0 – 10 (color and black/white)

• Counting ten frames from 0 – 10

• Addition facts from 0 - 10

• Subtraction facts from 0 – 10

• Dolch Sight Words (Pre-Primer, Primer, and First Grade)

• Fry Words (First 100 Words)

• Reading CVC, CCVC, and CVCC words (plus a page to write your own words!)

• Spelling CVC Words (plus a page to write your own spelling words!)

• Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds (with pictures – color or b/w, or just words for teacher to read aloud)

• Silly tasks - just for fun!

• “Freebie” passes – just for fun!

I hope you and your students love these as much as I do!  More themes, standards, and grade levels will be added to my store - so be sure to follow Glitter is Everywhere on TpT!

Happy Teaching!