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Here's some techie swag for you! {5.25.14}

You guys!  I recently came across one of the most amazing things in organizing history.  Literally, I found it about an hour ago.  And it has changed my teacher life already!  I've been looking for some way to organize my fonts so that I can easily see which ones I can use "safely" in commercial products on TPT.  I was previously using Word documents and typing each font name in the actual font, so that I at least had a preview.  But today, I came across this program called NexusFont, which does everything I wanted...and more.  It's free.  You can add "tags" to each font so you can search for them in any way your little heart desires.  And it has a preview option, where you can type something in to see which font looks the best for what you need.

As you can (hopefully) see, I added the tags "Commercial", "Free", and "Kevin and Amanda" to these fonts.  I typed in "Kevin", and was able to search for them so quickly!  Also, I love that I can customize the preview box at the top, so I changed the premade setting.  I am a bit of a punctuation mark snob, and sometimes I won't choose a particular font because I don't like the way the question mark looks.  (Am I the only one?)  And, since I speak German, I was able to type in characters in the German alphabet to see which font includes them. 

Basically, I love this.  Hopefully you will, too!   Now, I just need to find something similar to organize my clip art and borders...help!

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